Wonderinaliceland Gift Cards

Thank you for buying (or thinking about buying) A Wonderland Gift cards, these cards are a great way to buy someone a gift, even if you arent sure which one of our many products they would love.


Gift Cards Available

There are two Gift Cards available, either the £10 gift card, or the £20 gift card, both make excellent gifts. Each Gift Card comes in a Wonderinaliceland style card holder with room for you to write a personal message, each card is supplied with a stylish C7 black embossed envelope.


How it works.

Upon the intended recipient receiving  your gift card, they should  remove it from the envelope and the card holder (dont worry it's only held on with glue dots, so wont easily damage the plastic card in any way)


You will see that the back of the Gift Card has a scratch off panel, (similar to a scratch card) scratch this off with your finger nail or coin, underneith you'll see the unique 10 digit code.  Each code will be numbers and letters. You will notice on the top left had corner of your card is a card number. 


Your code will be the card number and the 10 digit code (all in lower case letter and no spaces.  For example Card No.21 with a ten digit code of w34e458765  would be entered as  21w34e458765.

This unique number is enter during the checkout section as a coupon code.


Please note:

Each Gift Card number can only be used once,  the total value must be more than or equal to the total spend including postage. (for example using a £10 card to buy a gift for £2 would use up the entire card, so please remember to spend to at least the amount shown on the gift card, due to the nature of the Gift Cards no change can be given).  Gift Cards can be bought from Stores across the country and online, but are for online use only.  Refunds for Activated Gift Cards can not be given after purchase.


If there are any problem please feel free to contact us we will try our best to help.




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