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Follow the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, with her blog, as she tries to makes sense of some of the  many wonderful things that happen in Wonderland... it's sure to be an interesting fun read.

"Alice decided that she wanted to remember here favourite moments from her time in Wonderland, the things she would do, the people she would meet along the way... she opened her desk drawer and dusted off an old journal that she had kept there for many years, finding her favourite writing pen, she started to write... " - Journal Entry Number 1.


Writings From Wonderland

Check out our Wonderful  Wonderland Journal website, keep up to date

with Alices Adventures over at


The perfect blog with wonderful insight into the day to day life of Wonderland

Gift ideas for everyone... Find that perfect Gift.

take another trip down the rabbit hole and find the perfect handmade gifts... you'd be as mad as the hatter not to...