The Big Little Wonderland Bag

Wonderland Bags - We're all mad here

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  • The Big Little Wonderland Bag
    Quote: "We're all mad here"

    These Wonderland Eco Friendly Cotton bags are perfect for the casual shopper, for taking to the beach, the gym or swimming, among many other uses.

    Made from 100% cotton they measure approx 360mm x 410mm, with shoulder length 300mm strap, with the capacity of 15 litres. These bags are machine washable and an eco friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags.

    Each bag come with a Wonderland quote on one side and made in the striking black and white theme to match the other wonderinaliceland products.

    Available with six different quotes in two colour themes, either white text on black cotton, or black text on white cotton.

    The perfect gift for friends, family and loved ones.

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