Wonderland Crazy Colouring Pencils
Edition: The Cheshire Cat
Inlay quote: We're All Mad Here

These Wonderlands Crazy Colouring Pencils come in a beautifully designed Wonderland flip top retro metal tin, and contains 12 colouring pencils in a range of wonderland colours* (see colour list below). 

Marmalade - Orange
Mushroom - Maroon
Caterpillar - Blue
Mad Hatter - Purple
Croquet Lawn - Green
Buttercup - Yellow
Rose - Red
Tea Party - Brown
Flamingo - Pink
Soup - Green
Chess Board - Black
Alice - Light Blue


There are 4 Crazy Colouring Pencil sets to collect, featuring many of our favourite Wonderland characters, including The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Alice, and The White Rabbit.  Each comes with there own Character Quote inlay, and  mini Wonderland Story Card and mini Character Card.


There is nothing quite as enjoyable or as relaxing as time spent Colouring. Perfect for the inner artist in you, and the perfect gift to give to any friend, family member or loved one. 

Our Crazy Colouring pencils go wonderfully with our Wonderland coloring cards (six versions available) or Wonderland writing books (18 versions available), also available on our website and Etsy sites.


*Please note that colour names are more a theme/idea rather than an exact colour match - see photo.


**Please note that cards shown in these photos do not come with the Wonderland Crazy Colouring Pencils, but are also sold on our Etsy site and website. Together or on their own, both make a wonderful Wonderland gift.


+ Find one of several Wonderland Lucky tokens hidden in our tins and get a free Wonderland gift!!!.


Designed, Printed and made in the UK exclusively for Wonderinaliceland.
- Tin approx size: 95mm (L)  x 100mm (W) x 10mm (D)
- Colouring Pencil approx size: 93mm (L) x 8mm Dia)


~ Hand made sections of this product are produced on 100% recycled material.

Wonderland Crazy Colouring Pencils - The Cheshire Cat Edition


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