Wonderland Wrapping Paper & Gift Tag.

Wrapping Paper & Gift Tag Set - Alice

  • Alice "Curiouser & Curiouser" Design

    No Wonderland gift would be finished without the paper to wrap it in, fear not, As we have wrapping paper for that very reason.

    Proudly printed on 100% recycled 120gsm stock, you can buy this eco friendly wrapping paper safely knowing no trees were harmed in it's making.

    Two Wonderful designs are available all in keeping with the Wonderinaliceland style.

    Designed and Printed in the UK exclusively for Wonderinaliceland, each sheet is approx 500mm x 700mm perfect for wrapping any of our product range.

    These Come As individual folded sheets with a black or white gift tag.

    Some might argue that the attention to detail and presentation makes them too nice to use as wrapping paper... but we feel that every gift deserve to look wonderful wrapped.

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